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Coach, Trainer, Speaker

 I am Alexandru Stanciu, otherwise known as Moty, and I am life-coach, business-trainer, motivational speaker and Chinese metaphysics consultant! I have been studying these fields since 2012 and seeing how personal development, financial analysis and metaphysical sciences have radically changed my life for the better, I have decided to share this knowledge further with people who want a change in their life too!
 The path of my life - From the art scene to the life scene !
I consider myself a seeker, my curiosity and my need to understand brought me to the point where I am today.
My journey sounds like this:
ARTIST - EVENT PLANNER - BUSINESSMAN - COACH and I feel that I have reached the right point in my life, where I have the opportunity every day to work with all kinds of people, to help them to evolve and with each interaction to evolve as well!

Personal Development and Productivity @Landmark Forum London
Team Management @Landmark Forum London
Personal development @Silva Method
Photo Reading, Productivity Course @Connie Larkin
Business Performance Course @Connie Larkin
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FENG Shui - Tools of Titans @ Joey Yap Academy Malaysia
FENG Shui - Mastery in Feng Shui @ Joey Yap Academy Malaysia
Mian Xiang / Face Reading I & II Mastery @ Nancy Yeoh Malaysia
Qi Men Dun Jia - Date Selection @Risvan Rusu
Qi Men Dun Jia Destiny Analysis @Risvan Rusu
Qi Men Dun Jia Feng Shui Practitioner @Risvan Rusu
Chinese Metaphysics for Love & Sex @Risvan Rusu
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San Yuan Xuan Kong Da Gua @Risvan Rusu
The Art of Super Coaching @Risvan Rusu
Profiling & Conversational Hypnosis @Risvan Rusu
Introduction to Shamanism @Aurel Mocanu
INCASA Energy Medicine @Vasile Sturzu
Numerology modules 1 and 2 @Anatol Basarab

The so-called miracles happen in our minds, when we overcome a blockage, that moment when anything is possible! This is not a miracle, it is the result of your work, so I invite you to know this more often!
I also have my blockages so we are together in this mission, let's do everything possible, step by step, with work, desire and presence.