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In the more than 5 years of practice, we have realized various Feng Shui projects, both in Romania and abroad. The projects focused on living spaces – houses and apartments, individual offices, office buildings, commercial spaces such as: restaurants, cafes, shops or selection of land for various constructions.

Feng Shui is based on analyzes and calculations of directions, locations and energy flow. I like to call this science the geometry of the energy of space, which aims to harmonize the individual with the environment.

The main concern of Feng Shui is accessing beneficial energy (positive IQ) from the environment, directing and circulating it, so that residents can take advantage of its beneficial effects in order to maximize the desired results, whether we are talking about family, business, health, etc. – Alexandru Stanciu, Moty – Feng Shui Consultant



Following the various specializations and years of experience in coaching and consulting, I support several categories of consulting sessions 1 to 1 to respond as accurately and efficiently as possible to the needs of my clients!


Business Consulting – Entrepreneurial Consulting

BAZI Birth Map Consulting – Chinese Astrology

Consulting in selecting ZERI data

The meetings can take place both physically and online!

Moty Consultant



Motyvated to be in Training is a training program specially created for the corporate environment. This training is a personalized one that can be formed from several disciplines for a complete development. Thus, our trainings can combine, depending on the client’s preferences and the team’s needs, personal development sessions, with financial education sessions, mindfulness or Chinese metaphysics. The program is customized together with the client for the successful optimization of the desired results! Training sessions can take various formats, from conferences, workshops or teambuildings!

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