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We all want to be better, to feel fulfilled and above all to feel that every time we did the best we could. But, many times we wake up in the situation where we feel that we can do more and want more, but something blocks us and we realize that in the face of the passing years we stagnate, dreaming of what we could be, but we are not. Unmanifested potential is just an illusion, while manifested potential is what brings us new value to the people around us. Here are 5 ways you can reach your potential! Discover them all in the lines below and help yourself to know your mind and soul!

1. Know yourself authentically

In order to know your potential, you need an introspection, a real analysis of yourself, in which to look at yourself with your eyes wide open in the mirror without filters and masks. We often tend to create an image in front of people around us, which does not fully represent us, which highlights only what we want to see, but more problematic is that the mask takes us away from our essence and we end up forgetting who we really are. Lying to those around you with a false image of yourself is serious, but lying to yourself with a false image of yourself is the worst. So first of all it is important to be honest, real and authentic with yourself, only if you really know yourself, you will accept yourself with good and bad, you will be able to evolve, you will be able to discover and use your potential. !

2. Express yourself and express yourself freely

Freedom is a word loved by everyone and fortunately today’s society offers us many freedoms and maybe for this reason we are more focused on outer freedom than inner freedom. To be truly free we must feel free with ourselves, free with our thoughts, words and actions. We justify that out of respect sometimes we do not say what we think, but should it be so? Is it about respect or lack of courage, lack of commitment to one’s own thinking or one’s own set of values? Is it about respect or rather the fear of not being laughed at, of not being set aside because we are not in line with the group, or the fear of not being criticized? This freedom to be authentic comes with self-acceptance, with self-love, with the desire to be as you feel represented and not as dictated to you from the outside. In order to highlight your potential, you need to gain this freedom, the freedom to express yourself and to manifest yourself in reality!

3. Learn to say NO

Compromise, compromise and compromise again… this happens every time you say YES, but you actually wanted to say NO. We can find a lot of justifications for why we do certain things even though they do not please us or we do them out of obligation, but all these justifications will not recover the lost energy and will not compensate for the frustrations created. When you want to be successful you don’t have time for compromises, when you want to use your skills to the fullest and become successful in your spectrum of action you need all the power for that, all the channeled energy on your project and activity. Any accepted activity, which is not in accordance with your plan or your set of values, will represent a brake on your way, a step back. When you want to show your potential you need to step forward so be careful what you say YES and what you say NO to.

4. Eliminate the blockages in front of your evolution

When you want more from yourself, you make an action plan and implement it. It seems simple, but many times we stumble on the route and do not understand why. The answer to this ‘why?’ We need to get back on track and this time to finish the race with flying colors. Our blockages can be very diverse, from past experiences that can haunt our present, to more or less real fears and thoughts. Until you identify yourself or with outside help, what keeps you in place, what blocks you in getting what you want and until you manage to overcome these hops, you will stagnate and live only with the thought of what it would be like if you could to do whatever you want. The choice is yours, do you want to live or do you want to think about how you could live?

5. Take constant action!

Constant and carefully directed action towards your goal is the key to success. If you have the feeling that you will make an effort today and tomorrow everything will go smoothly, you are wrong. Small, safe and constant steps are the ones that will take you the furthest. Think of an athlete, do you think he made an effort to strengthen his physical endurance only at the beginning of his career? or does it make money from the beginning? Put laziness aside and take action every day to improve your life, and the results will not be long in coming. In order to succeed in implementing these 5 steps and to bring your potential to a concrete level, it is not enough just to dream, it takes action and the right action, and with the right guidance you can achieve this faster and easier. You will receive this type of guidance and training in the personal development program – Motyvatyed to be the Best! The seminars within this coaching and training program are oriented towards practical solutions that can be applied quickly and exercises through which you will train to think and act differently, in order to bring the change you want in your life!

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 I am Alexandru Stanciu, otherwise known as Moty, and I am life-coach, business-trainer, motivational speaker and Chinese metaphysics consultant! I have been studying these fields since 2012 and seeing how personal development, financial analysis and metaphysical sciences have radically changed my life for the better, I have decided to share this knowledge further with people who want a change in their life too!
 The path of my life - From the art scene to the life scene !
I consider myself a seeker, my curiosity and my need to understand brought me to the point where I am today.
My journey sounds like this:
ARTIST - EVENT PLANNER - BUSINESSMAN - COACH and I feel that I have reached the right point in my life, where I have the opportunity every day to work with all kinds of people, to help them to evolve and with each interaction to evolve as well!

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The so-called miracles happen in our minds, when we overcome a blockage, that moment when anything is possible! This is not a miracle, it is the result of your work, so I invite you to know this more often!
I also have my blockages so we are together in this mission, let's do everything possible, step by step, with work, desire and presence.

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